Thursday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Yard, part of Sid Lee Paris, created an incredibly powerful documentary about street soccer in greater Paris. “Footeuses” shines a light on the lives of the women who have a deep passion for the game, even as they overcome personal and societal challenges.

-Welcome back! Kate Higgins, who helped launch San Francisco fun-shop Erich & Kallman, is back. Higgins takes on the crucial role as the agency’s first-ever chief growth officer.

Mother is investing in talent. Maria Scileppi is the indie’s new head of learning and development.


-If you’re a terrible person (or at least an evil character in a film), Apple wants nothing to do with you.

-The Drum’s Katie Deighton shares stories from black professionals in advertising over the decades. Carol H Williams, Valerie Graves, Derek Walker, Shameka Brown and Gabrielle Shirdan are featured.

-It’s earnings day for WPP and MDC Partners. Stay tuned. And hold on.

-Heineken has a public beer fridge. But, it contains the brand’s 0.0 alcohol-free brew.

It’s a Parks & Recreation reunion miracle. But for an ad.

SXSW is full-steam ahead despite coronavirus fears.