Thursday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-AlmapBBDO launched a new 60-second broadcast spot for Brazilian insurance firm Bradesco Saúde honoring healthcare workers.

“Throughout the history of mankind, I assume there have been occupations or roles that inspired children at some point. It goes without saying that doctors and healthcare workers have now earned our open admiration for their courage, dedication and social role,” AlmapBBDO executive creative director Pernil said in a statement.

-Cartwright and Grey created this “The Choice” spot for P&G calling on Americans to step up and take action against racism.


-The Press Republics’ Theresa Howard calls McDonald’s Black Lives Matter ad shortsighted and hollow and says that “companies need to think more about their value to society.”

Nascar banned the Confederate flag at all future events and properties, a day after Black driver Darrell Wallace Jr. called for such a move.

Black employees are demanding change at agencies where “white culture” is dominant.

-Marketers are preventing ads from appearing alongside Black Lives Matter content.

-Gap appointed Isobar’s DEG as its global email agency of record, following an internal review.

-Poster House chief curator Angelina Lippert shares images from a century of posters protesting violence against Black Americans.