Thursday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Is it me or has this week dragged on like a dog with an itchy ass when he/she drags it across your nice new Persian rug? Yeah like that. Must have been that whole four day week we’re just getting out of. Or maybe it’s all the bad news we keep hearing. Either way, here’s some of the news we didn’t write more than a sentence about.

&#151 WPP bought into another company. This one is in South Africa. link

&#151 Cash4Gold will represent during the Super Bowl. They’re bringing back MC Hammer and Ed McMahon. Shillerific! link

&#151 Spoiler Alert! The online ad business sucks, too. link

&#151 TiVo admits that they kinda screwed the advertising industry, and urges you all to get your ducks in a row. link

&#151 NetFlix isn’t the only techesque company that’s having a ball in this damned economy. WTF is admob? Read it. link

&#151 More reasons why the Big 3 avoided the SuperBowl (other than the obvious ones). link

&#151 Adman turned art muse befuddles us all. All, I say! link

&#151 Bob Dylan is renting his 1963 hit “Blowin’ in the Wind” to the Co-operative for commercial use. Homie’s gotta eat. link

&#151 Ian Schafer talks about a fancy new application called FaceBook Connect that could save the facebook app market. Gawd, no. link

&#151 Some nerd-os hacked a road sign and made people think there were zombies ahead. Great, now what happens if there’s real zombies? Dilemma! link

&#151 Don’t. Buy. Houses. Or do and hope to God that they don’t lose anymore value. link

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