Thursday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-As owners of a rescue dog, we were total suckers for this BBDO New York Pedigree spot.

Emma Montgomery went from Leo Burnett Sydney to Chicago, where she will be chief strategy officer.

-WPP Digital acquired Pittsburgh’s Deeplocal, which started as a spinoff of Carnegie Mellon(!). Why? Check out the client list: Lyft, Google, Netflix, Airbnb.


-Ogilvy Chicago offered a new twist on the gun control PSA: a bulletproof poster right in front of the White House. (Spoiler: it won’t influence congress.)

-Seems like ad tech companies are currently beating agencies when it comes to bloody fights and sexual harassment allegations.

-2/3 of big brands say the whole “brand safety” thing won’t affect their ad budgets.

-Do you really want to see the 11 best Trump-inspired post-election ads? 84 Lumber is on the list.

-Barkley and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 think cassette tapes are coming back.

-Robert De Niro used Snapchat for the first time and didn’t even go on a rant about vaccines, so the platform is officially not cool anymore.