Thursday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-The ADC announced its Interactive jury for its 89th awards. The jury will be chaired by Lean Mean Fighting Machine creative partner Dave Bedwood. link

-Olson hired Tony Saucier as associate account director/social media strategist and Phil Shannon as senior web data analyst. link


-Stop-motion goodness promotes Magic Hat’s new brew, Vinyl. link

-Mother New York hired Gabriel Blido as art director. link

-Spain is set to ban some beauty/diet ads from airing before 10PM. link

-Has Microsoft already lost Facebook’s ad business? link

-The IAB and other ad trade groups worry that the FTC is becoming too powerful. link

-Google Product ads are performing better than traditional CPCs. link

-It’s Amazon vs. Apple in the e-reader war. link

-OK Go’s frontman Damian Kulash talks about viral ads, his band’s YouTube fiasco/success and content sharing. link

-NYC & Company refreshes its Restaurant Week ad campaign. link

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