Thursday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Grey Germany compares sensitive teeth to icebergs in a new spot for Sensodyne (above).

Americans are finally tiring of Dove’s “Real Beauty” schtick, so the company is trying it in India.

Anonymous Tipster Says: “fuck this entire fucking industry.”

Clients in the U.S. are paying more for advertising, according to WPP. Does. Not. Compute.

It’s not just your agency: Facebook laid off about 40 people due to problems with its ad tech division despite making buttloads of money this quarter.

Doug Cohen was named president of Cleveland’s Stern Advertising, best known for “Every Kiss Begins With Kay.” He’s the shop’s first new president since 1972.

Digital agency DPDK expanded its team with six new hiresaccount director Eva Koegenboeg, producer Laura Tuininga, developers Marnix Janssen and Colin van Eenige and motion designers Trevis Janssen and Ryan Schuijer.

-New York-based Washington Square Films added Alison Klayman to its directorial roster

Art director Jacob Mehringer and four other advertising majors at the University of Oregon created “Our Memories Matter,” a project dedicated to the victims of the recent UCC shooting.