Thursday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Former OMD Latin America CEO Mauricio Sabogal was named worldwide managing director of IPG’s Initiative arm. link

-Hold your chunder mate, Digitas Chicago is exhuming Foster’s “How to Speak Australian” campaign with new spots including the one above. link

-Marlboro unveiled its first new cig brand in two years, Sensation, the packaging of which is even shaped like a lighter. Smoke up Johnny! link

-Billy Mays’ insurance ads for iCan will be pulled after today. link

-It finally comes down to mobile to rescue online advertising. link

-CNNMoney breaks down the good, bad and ugly corporate logo changes. link

-Hip-hopper/ad exec Steinski has created a sonic collage around old ads for Narragansett beer. link

-Anyone notice the YouTube redesign? link

-U.S. Rep Roy Blunt objects to a, well, blunt billboard ad about his ties to the healthcare industry. link

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