Thursday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 


-Here are 10 ways to apparently make an unemployed creative’s head explode. link


-This Contagion promo from Participant Media makes us more of a germaphobe than we already were (above). link

-This is being called Kohl’s “biggest brand launch in history” and it stars, um, J-Lo and Marc Anthony. Good luck, kids! link

-Buddy Media alum Diana Rogers joins NYC-based Launchpad as senior digital producer.

-Was that a PR Newswire fuck-up or are our eyes deceiving us? link

-What won’t Google buy these days? link

-Cut+Paste has launched a 12-city global design competition. The call for competitors is now open. link

-Omnicom and HP have teamed up to launch the Smart Marketing Suite. link

-The NFL launched a digital experience for women with the help of Ignited. link