Thursday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

After hanging out at the ANDYs last night, a bit of our love of advertising was reinvigorated. You guys make some truly amazing stuff and we were privileged to hang out with you and take your pictcha. Today we bring you myriad storied about the state of things in the biz. Read, read, absorb.

&#151 Saturn wants you to know they are not yet dead, aight? link

&#151 Here’s a thought &#151 advertising by non-advertisiers. link

&#151 I wonder, kin you make the next Dunkin ad? Hehaw. link

&#151 Those AIG bonuses, they may be getting taxed. link

&#151 Wendy’s = pet store? link

&#151 Late night TV &3151 still successful. Who knew? link

&#151 Love those Cadbury Creme Eggs! link

&#151 There’s layoffs at AgAge. link

&#151 The Martin Agency is trying real hard to separate itself from, says Tribble. link

&#151 Hyundai consolidated their Web sites to one domain. Snore. link

&#151 Perez has some sponsorships going from Dell. Oy. link