Thursday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Who needs a shot of tequila on a Thursday morning? We do. And according to this new Hornitos spot from The Community, you probably do too.

-Here’s a blistering hot (yet somehow obvious) take from Gideon Spanier of Campaign: Sir Martin overstayed his welcome at WPP.

-Meanwhile, Ford’s press release announcing a cutback in models and marketing expenses gives you a good idea of why GTB may be in trouble.


-The Drum has a nice profile of Impossible Foods ECD Sasha Markova, who went from making ads for Mother London to promoting White Castle’s favorite vegan burger.

-Advertising has officially entered the blockchain. [Insert shitty Matrix joke here.]

-Unskippable 6-second spots are also coming to Snapchat.

-So your clients will demand more Snap work, but the new glasses are still pretty fucking lame. Just check out the TechCrunch demo.

-The concept of a “#MeToo redemption series” hosted by Charlie Rose doesn’t really have anything to do with the ad industry, but it’s such a bad idea that we just had to include it here.