This Is the Most Disgusting Intern Recruitment Ad You Will Ever See

By Erik Oster 

We’ve seen some pretty weird internship recruitment efforts in the past, but we think you’ll agree that this latest one from independent digital agency Rules Creative Taiwan, which launched last Friday, is the most directly disturbing.

In its search to attract recent grads for creative planning internships, the Taipei shop aimed a pair of recruitment ads depicting what appear to be blood-stained underwear and a tissue or rag full of semen to its 26,000 Facebook fans. “We hope if you like the idea,” PR wrote, “This project will have further opportunity to be displayed and gain further exposures on AgencySpy.”

And so it will.


Here’s the “Boy” version.

rules creative

And here is “Girl.”

rules c

In a release promoting the recruitment campaign, the agency described the effort this way: “For these people, it might be the first full-time job they ever had. First job is like first period or first orgasm experience, it can be a confusing and exciting time for every boys and girls.”

Facebook translation provides a little (but only a little) more insight. For the “Girl” effort it reads, “Give me your first time as one thing” before mentioning the desire to “recruit new blood” and ending with the not-at-all creepy “We want to cherish you!” following the job description. The “Boys” version substitutes “We want to collect you! ( Uncomfortable).”


The note also appears to ask for each applicant’s current relationship status. If, at this point, prospective interns are still interested, the agency promises to “cherish their first time experience and try our best to help novice get through their rookie year.”

Based on the number of Facebook “feelings” and overexcited animal emoji responses to the posts, we have to believe that hundreds of aspiring area creatives would say, “Of course I’d love to intern at the jizz rag agency!”