This Copywriter Will Pen a Valentine’s Day Ballad to Any Agency That Needs His Love

By Patrick Coffee 

Ben Petrisor is looking for a new gig. But more importantly, he’s looking to sing.

The copywriter and Miami Ad School graduate, who recently worked at Narrative, tells us he took a break to work on his music projects before heading back to the agency world. The fact that he happens to be in the job market during its “dead season” meant that he might need to take an extra step or two to get noticed—so he wrote some songs.

More specifically, he wrote songs dedicated to the agencies he admires and the shops his heart desires.


Get ready for some classic lounge-style balladry in the key of D … as in Droga5.

He calls the project Cover Letters of Love—and as one can tell from its homepage, his passions are not limited to Harley-Davidson’s newest agency partner.

You know what he’s talking about, BBH. And if you’re interested, there’s a link to his portfolio at the end of the song.

Let those synths sing!

So that was pretty intense. Can you take another round? Let’s get honest, Johannes (Leonardo).

“With it being the season of love, I decided to turn my cover letters into love ballads that could swoon agencies into giving me a job,” said Petrisor, who describes himself as “just a lounge singer looking for a job to love.”

And any agency interested in his work is in luck, because he’s taking requests! As Petrisor put it, “any agency interested in having their very own love song can reach out to me and ask for one.”

We personally feel like BFG might be a good match for this particular flavor. He doesn’t need a fancy paycheck, but it would be nice.

Petrisor told us the next object of his affection will be McCann. Maybe he can sing about how he’s both a real person and an actor.