This Ad Thinks it Can Best DVRs

By Matt Van Hoven 

The DVR: perennial time saver, preventer of show missery, and skipper of annoying commercials. The tool that came to revolutionize how we are entertained and simultaneously crippled the very companies that pay for said entertainment, may have met its match via one of the worst campaign pieces we’ve ever seen.

Adrants says that this company Grasshopper claims people focus on the center of the screen when fast forwarding. So the solution to all the world’s problems became putting the ad’s main character in the middle of the screen. The grasshopper says things. And though we watched the spot just a minute ago, we can’t remember what he said or what his company does. But he was green and I think was driving a car that looked like it was in Wiley Coyote’s canyon. Cue ACME dynamite sticks, this thing is a bomb.


Gawker via Adrants

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