THINK PIECE: How a LinkedIn Conversation Led to Us Publishing a Parody Ad

By Doug Zanger 

Let’s get this out of the way. I’m not great at getting to “inbox zero.” Hell, getting to “inbox 5,000” is going to be rough. It’s not that I don’t read emails, it’s because I’m a digital packrat.

However, I do find LinkedIn to be a decent place to communicate. And, of late, the activity over there has become a little more spirited. A week ago, former CPB creative director (and current proprietor of MSA Creative) Mark St. Amant hit me up to talk about a parody ad he and some advertising misfits put together.


Then I watched it, enjoyed it and made a comment.

Yes, I am weird. Anyhoo, I found out that Mark went to Franklin & Marshall (good school). I also learned that Mark played soccer in college. As did I … kind of. LinkedIn banter at its finest.

I worked in the Colorado thing since, you know, Mark is in Boulder. I attended the University of Denver. Also known as DU for some reason.

Yes, we have a good hockey program. Now that we had built a bridge of trust, Mark just went for it.
Yes, Mark. Here’s the blurb. I don’t know why I called you Chachi, but you are correct that its usage is oft underused.

Here’s the parody, by the way. Enjoy it. We know that we did.


Title: “Unraveled”
Client: Ace Aglet Co. (fake)
Agency: MSA Creative (not fake; Boulder, Colo.)
Creative Director, Copywriter: Mark St. Amant
Editorial: Cartel; Los Angeles
Editor: Kevin Zimmerman
Stock, Visuals: Dissolve, Calgary, Alberta
Music: JSM Music, New York
Audio, Sound Design: Coupe Studios, Boulder, Colo.
Voiceover: Julie Johnston, Innovative Artists, Los Angeles (Agent: Jill Witterschein)