Things We Like: Recycled Boots

By Matt Van Hoven 

In yet another episode of “Ads Matt saw while walking to work”, the image above is for Timberland’s new recycled line of boots, and other stuff. No schilling here &#151 plain and simple, it’s hard to argue with, “hey, we give a shit about the environment, see?”.


Hold on though &#151 Timberland is definitely not the first company to make recycled shoes. Oh, no. Patagonia, Teva, Terra Plana, Worn Again bla bla the list goes on.

What do you think of the new campaign? Click continued to see the TV spot that’s been going around for awhile. We aren’t exactly sure how “new” the above ads are (they’re located just outside Grand Central on Park Ave, btw), but they are new to us.

Maker’s Marks Up Grand Central