Things Not to do in Campaign Ads: Touch Your Young Granddaughter’s Chest

By Matt Van Hoven 

Saxby “Big Daddy” Chambliss wants Georgians (peaches, not vodka) to vote for him in tomorrow’s senatorial run-off. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, he ran the ad above, in which we see Chambliss and family in a nice household scene. Yay incumbent!

At the end of a little “vote for me” speech, Chambliss (awkwardly) moves his right hand from his granddaughter’s waist to her chest.

Now, we’re not saying the dude was “groping” the girl &#151 not at all. However, it does seem odd (as Gawker points out) that the folks behind the camera didn’t stop and say, “hey Chambly-bambles, let’s do another, sans faux-breast-squeeze. Whaddya say?”

The video will probably be taken down before too long, so make sure you check it out now. It’s…uncomfortable.

via Gawker

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