Things Get Weird with Olson Engage, Taxidermist Chuck Testa

By Erik Oster 

Olson Engage launched a distinctly strange campaign for American light lager brand Keystone Light entitled “The Hunt for the Great White Stone.” 

The agency teamed up with famed taxidermist Chuck Testa for the spot, which presents itself as a (fictional) look at the filming process. As it turns out, Testa is not exactly easy to work with and what should have been a one day shoot drags on to three. “We’re not sure if he’s messing with us or if he’s just crazy,” concedes fictional director Franco Davis, to which Testa admits “I’m messing with them, because the animals get a really big kick out of it.”

It’s an amusing approach, for a brand competing in a crowded category that lacks differentiation. So while it may not do much to promote Keystone Light as a product (there’s not much to say in its benefit anyway), having Testa on board will give the brand a good amount of visibility. The effort promotes a packaging promotion from the brand (seemingly a staple of light beer marketing these days) called The Great White Stone, which features a white can scattered in orange multipacks.