These Are Your (Dannes) Lions Winners

By Patrick Coffee 

It’s all over except for the laughter and the rose liqueur.

A few days ago we spoke to commercial director Daniel Sheppard about his Dannes Lions project, which sprung from a desire to celebrate comedy in advertising rather than, say, the perceived advancement of a given demographic or the fight against online bullying.

This morning, Sheppard announced the winners as promised on his site: 100 campaigns created by various and sundry agencies over the past two years that just happened to make him LOL.

Here is the list, which is searchable (SPOILER: it somehow contains more than one GEICO ad). Sheppard’s site is also “live-streaming” the event straight to your cubicle/phone/toilet from Dannes, France:

Dannes LionsThose looking to turn the Dannes into a battle of egos may be disappointed to learn that the winners are not listed in any particular order–their numbers are simply for ID purposes.

Sheppard was more than a little overwhelmed by the response to his project; he tells us he received more than 700 submissions.

His quote:

“There were an astounding amount of quality submissions for just being our first year and, as the sole judge, the process was not easy. There was a lot of arguing between myselves about which submissions should take home the prestigious Dannes Gold Lion, but ultimately it came down to the ads that either made me laugh out loud, envious I didn’t make them or just flat out bribes.
The awards are being hand made by the village trophy maker, Vicent LaPiaget, and will be mailed out as soon as he finds the rest of his tools.”

Scrolling through 100 ads is a bit much, so here are three we picked at random:

Leo Burnett for Sprint, sad face:

Wieden+Kennedy New York for Southern Comfort:

…and GS&P for Sonic:

We’re told that the awards show itself went off without a glitch in Sheppard’s home and/or office; unfortunately, no intimate moments were caught on film.

Now argue amongst yourselves about who won and who SHOULD HAVE won. Unless you have more important things to do.