These Are Hazy Days, So Have a Smoke (Maybe at R/GA?)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Welcome to Monday, April 20th, 2009. Oh to be in Boulder today, where tons of students and probably some CP+Bers (among others) will partake in the great American smoke-out. If you’re in San Rafael, Cali, head to the SR high (school) where the 4:20 legend was apparently born. Better still would be a trip to R/GA New York, where smoking in the stairwell is a semi-regular daily event &#151 so today will probably get ridics. But remember y’all, Clear Eyes are really friggin’ bad for the ojos, so pick up anything that includes the words “soothing” or “tears” or “if you’re a regular toker and like your eyes, use this.”

We guess there’s a lot of stairway smoking going on these days, what with the industry shitting itself and all. We’re curious about which agencies are more lax about this (and other dooby-ous) activities. Once the high settles in, let us know. But don’t let the paranoia get you man.

I’m back, btw, after a week that saw Ogilvy scandal, GSD&M’s shiny racism badge and like, a trillion layoffs. Get ready for more cuz this week’s not going to be any different.


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