Thehappycorp Aint’ So Happy

By SuperSpy 

Just a few weeks ago, Doug Jaeger, founder and ECD at agency, thehappycorp, was <caught paying for a a notorious street artist to mess with his outdoor campaign for the MOMA. The stunt resulted in MOMA pulling their account from the agency.

The latest news from thehappycorp isn’t much well, happier. After five years, Matt Spangler, CSO and partner at the agency, has exited stage left. During his tenure, thehappycorp worked with clients such as Apple, Anheuser Busch, Brooklyn Brewery, VH1, Major League Gaming, etc. Additionally, he was a co-creator of LVHRD, a New York creative salons, and a “semi-secret” society.

“My last five years at thehappycorp has been nothing less than extraordinary, and it’s the right time for me to move on to a new challenge,” said Spangler. Supposedly, Matt is getting right back to work, though we’re not sure where.

Meanwhile, Jaeger, who is also the current President of the ADC, will continue on with thehappycorp. Although, WE HEAR that recently, some major players have been making serious inquires about the price tag. Now wouldn’t that be some shit?

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