The WSJ’s Vision Of An Agencies Future

By SuperSpy 

The Wall Street Journal has released its predictions for ad agencies. They say the shifts to come in our business over 2008 are:

1. New Structures – “Specifically, marketers want more cooperation between the executives who create ads for TV and newspapers and those who craft Web ads or perform less glamorous tasks such as researching consumer behavior.”

2. Screen Wars – “Television screens are increasingly popping up in grocery and department-store aisles, elevators and even gas pumps — all blaring clips of TV programs, accompanied by ads.”


3. House Guest – “So a growing number of ad agencies are expected to try a different approach: having researchers spend long periods of time with consumers to find out more about how they live.”

4. Green Backlash – “Some people in the ad business are predicting a backlash this year from consumers who question whether companies are living up to their promises.”

5. The Anti-Social Movement – “For marketers, that will mean the sites will be much more effective as a consumer-research tool than as a venue to peddle products.”