The Woes Of Account Management: “When Things Go Badly, You F*cked Up.”

By SuperSpy 

The Ad Contrarian posted a brilliant entry about the often-thankless gig of being in account management these days. His list of credible reasons are spot on. We couldn’t have said it better so we wont. See below:

“These days, you have to really love advertising to be in account management.

– When things go well, it’s because the creatives are brilliant.

– When things go badly, you fucked up.

– You have no time to do your job because you’re usually doing your client’s job.

– You have little say over strategy. Account planners and creative directors are busy screaming at each other over that. Your only responsibility is to keep them from killing each other.

– Worst of all, you can never adequately explain to your mother what the fuck it is you actually do.

To all the account managers out there, with all our hearts, we salute you! You’ve got the toughest job in the business if you ask us.