The Week in Advertising: Kids on the Juice, MadMen v. Mad Ave (Part 2) and a Fauxprosal

By Matt Van Hoven 

We have to hand it to faceless intern ryan who has pioneered our new segment, MadMen v. MadAve, wherein he stalks passersby on Madison Avenue to ask them who is more recognizable: Don Draper or advertising “celebrities”. This week, Alex Bogusky unknowingly goes up on the chopping block. Who will win, and more importantly, what hilarious things will people say about him?

And finally, I’ve been meaning to bring up this issue for awhile: a person close to me has been really bad about watching the show. There’s only about 17 of you who do with regularity and I feel that this person should be one of them. In this episode, we call her out.

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