The VIA Agency and Three Olives Vodka Invite You to ‘Find Otherness’

By Patrick Coffee 

The VIA Agency of Portland, Maine is on something of a roll, most recently beating out Droga5 for the L.L. Bean business and winning a review for anti-snoring strip Theravent.

Its newest campaign, however, is for longtime client Three Olives Vodka under the tagline “Find Otherness.” The work includes several spots focusing on different creative personalities.

Here’s the opener with a soundtrack from 2004’s hottest band, Go! Team.

Next we have Van Orton Design, a group consisting of twin brothers from Italy who would really rather not show you their faces on camera.

The campaign keeps going with more people who “believe a playful spirit of eccentricity makes life more exciting” and “cast boring to the wind.”

Who doesn’t miss record of the month clubs?

We’ve never really had a vinyl fetish, but dude has a good point. Spotify is great and all, but we don’t really think about full albums anymore, because why bother?

The campaign is really all about highlighting the company’s different flavors.

“‘Find Otherness’ reflects the fun and quirky spirit inherent in Three Olives, and is a departure from the overly serious, nightlife imagery traditionally associated with vodka advertising,” said group brand director Erin Chin, emphasizing the “more than 20 unique flavors” and its desire to appeal to those “who appreciate the excitement that comes from embracing new perspectives.”

For example, there’s painter and designer Ron Bass.

Finally, the company is working with Grammy-nominated singer Halsey “on the road to the most anticipated music festival of the year in Indio, California.” (We think they mean Coachella.)

Her segment isn’t really an ad, but here it is anyway.

Here’s what VIA CD Ken Matsubara had to say about it:

“The creative concept for ‘Find Otherness’ boldly, but inclusively, celebrates individuality. For our work we chose artists who have a unique point of view on fashion, music, art and other media. They were also asked to participate based on their talent and passion, not the size of their following, because that’s how you get ideas that are both unique and universal. Three Olives isn’t only about setting trends, but also about sharing them.”

This is all leading up to a summer event in which the brand will release two new flavors and another spot starring “fine-art-bodypainter Johannes Stötter.”

That sounds pretty cool, but we still don’t really get why the world needs a watermelon flavored liquor.