The StrawberryFrog Directive: You Left on Good Terms

By Kiran Aditham 

We know we’re probably harping on the matter, but hey, this story keeps coming undone like a sweater and it feels like we’re watching a cliffhanger of some melodrama. The latest tidbit comes from our sources, who sent us this little note from the CFO at StrawberryFrog:

“Scott and his lawyers have authorized that you can call back the reporter at Adweek …Janon Fisher [redacted]. And tell him the statement about you being fired by StrawberryFrog is not true. And you can tell him “that my leaving was by mutual agreement, completely amicable and that we have no outstanding issues between us”. And he can call me to corroborate it. He has my name and contact details.”

As for Jeff Schur, who was essentially replaced by Frances Rhodes at SF, he clarifies what his duties entailed at the Frogpond: “I was brought in as a part-time consultant, initially for a period of 4 weeks in mid-October last year to help them figure out operational efficiencies. This initial consulting assignment was extended several times until March
2011 when my part-time assignment was completed.”


We’ve also been told by sources familiar with the matter that Chip Walker, formerly head of planning and partner at StrawberryFrog, was bought out. Now, he’s director of brand planning/innovation at Y&R. Additionally, our sources add that the agency is in the last rounds to hire a new managing director, who may come from Europe. Stay tuned..and now cue the Melrose Place music.