The Russian Returns for DirecTV, Guns Blazing

By Kiran Aditham 

Ask and ye shall receive we suppose. The Russian oligarch (played by actor Tim Murphy) returns, thick accent, opulence and all in a follow-up to Grey New York’s well-received campaign from last year for DirecTV. Now that the introductions to the man and his mini-giraffe are out of the way, the theme this time around revolves around staying fit, in only the bizarre way our protagonist knows how. The line of choice here: “No pain, no pain.”

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Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren
Executive Creative Director: Todd Tilford
Creative Director/Art Director: Luis Romero
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Jon Kallus
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Chris Rubino
Agency Executive Producer: Andrew Chinich
Agency Producer: David Cardinali
Production Company (location): Uber Content / Los Angeles
Director: Chris Hooper
Director of Photography: Jonathan Freeman
Editor (person & company): Paul Martinez, Arcade
Music/Sound Design (person & company): HenryBoy
VFX: Ben Smith (VFX Supervisor), Jared Yeater (Producer), THE MILL