The Richards Group’s New GameStop Ad Puts the Geeks in the Game with ‘VR Character Puppeting’

By Erik Oster 

The Richards Group launched a new campaign for GameStop ahead of the Sept. 6 release of Destiny 2 featuring a bit of new technology.

A 30-second spot utilizes “VR character puppeting” to place gamers (actors playing gamers) right into the action. The spot itself is pretty simple, with the actors trading quips about how many kills someone has racked up in the game. They have this discussion, however, in the middle of the game’s action thanks to the effect.

While an interesting innovation, the technology appears to still be in its infancy and the results here are somewhat elementary. We do expect to see more of “VR character puppeting” in the future, however, as its seems to have plenty of potential, particularly for video game advertising.

For a look at “VR character puppeting” in action, check out the behind-the-scenes footage below.

VR Performers: FOO VR
Technical Director: Will Smith
Lead Developer: Andre Infante
Character Design & Rigging: Sindre Skaare


VFX/Compositing: MoontowerVFX
Art Director: Ray Pena
Art Director: Greg Omelchuck
Producer: Emilio Barrientos
VFX/Compositor: Alan Cruz
VFX/Compositor: Clarke Godwin

Editor: Blake Skaggs
Assistant Editor: Tiffany Taveras

The Richards Group
David Canright, Creative Group Head/Writer
Lynda Hodge, Creative Group Head/Art Director
Sam Langford, Brand Creative/Art Director
JT Steinart, Brand Creative/Writer
Laurie Shannon, Producer
Dave Kroencke, Brand Management
Jeff Warren, Brand Management
Bejan Toofan, Brand Management