The Richards Group, Wolf Want to ‘Reclaim the Kitchen’

By Erik Oster 

The Richards Group┬áhas launched an initiative for Wolf Appliances calling on Americans to “Reclaim the Kitchen” and start preparing more meals at home.

An online spot introduces the initiative by first explaining what exactly viewers are “reclaiming” their kitchen from. It points out that in 1900, “we had 98 percent of our meals in the home,” while today it’s less than 50 percent. It also points the finger at fast and processed foods while admitting, “It’s kind of all our faults.”

But the campaign isn’t about shaming people back into the kitchen. It also offers some advice for how to spend more time preparing healthy meals at home, while offering the encouragement that once you get into the swing of things, it’s not as hard as it initially seems. Proposing small steps, like starting with one home-cooked meal a day, setting aside time to cook with screens off, and planning ahead, makes the task seem less daunting and the campaign accessible. The ad ends by directing viewers to the campaign page, where they can learn more about how to get started (including some simple recipes).

The initiative addresses a widespread problem in this country (how many people do you know that can’t even boil an egg?), and one that makes sense for the brand. While more old-fashioned readers might point out the lack of overt branding here, The Richards Group┬átaps into an issue that is at the core of Wolf’s industry and aligns the brand with something almost anyone could get behind, while still managing to show off their products here and there at the same time.