The Richards Group Rolls Out ‘Fact or Fake’ Series for Orkin

By Erik Oster 

The Richards Group has unveiled a new “Fact or Fake” series of online videos for Orkin Pest Control, the latest in their ongoing branded content campaign.

“Fact or Fake” is a series (so far two) of videos that attempt to prove or disprove commonly held views on bugs, MythBusters style. In the video, above for example, the crew attempts to answer the question, “Are Daddy Longlegs Poisonous?” Much like MythBusters, The Richards Group tries to mix scientific inquiry with goofy humor. If the results aren’t exactly funny, they are at least still entertaining — especially when you consider the typical approach for advertising pest control. Another spot in the series tackles the question of whether termites eat faster when rock music is played.


The Richards Group also recently released a series of “Top 6” listicle videos, counting down the best bugs to eat and the most venomous insects. With both coming on the heels of the initial “Bug Wisdom” series, it’s clear The Richards Group has been quite busy for Orkin. Stick around for “Does Rock ‘n’ Roll Make Termites Eat Faster?” and credits after the jump.


Agency: The Richards Group

Creative Directors: David Morring, Tim Tone

Art Director: Andrew Harper

Copywriter: Deric Nance

Agency Producer: Lynn Louria

Production Company: Gifted Youth

Director: Tim K

Post-Production Company: Charlie Uniform Tango

Post House Executive Producer: Mary Alice Butler

Editor: James Rayburn

VFX/Online Artists:
David Hannah
Allen Robbins
Joey Waldrip
Artie Pena

Mix/Sound Design: Russell Smith