The Richards Group Catches Dad on Snap for A&W Root Beer

By Erik Oster 

This is your father’s root beer.

The Richards Group launched a new “Caught on Snap” spot for A&W Root Beer featuring a dad who appears to be a big fan of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group brand. After taking a sip from a foamy mug of A&W Root Beer, he breaks out the goofy dance moves and, of course, his kids are there to capture the whole thing and share it on social media.

We’re not convinced the friend’s reaction of “I wish my dad was that cool” is exactly realistic, but to be fair we don’t really have any idea what the kids think is cool nowadays. We expect it will be an easier sell to cool-aspiring dads than their kids. The spot manages to fit into a brief 15-seconds, making the transition a bit jumpy at times but preventing it from dragging on.

Client: A&W


Agency: The Richards Group
Producer: JR Dixon
Art Director: Andrew Harper
Writer: Lynn Bossange

Production Co: Honor Society
Directors: Cary Murnion & Jonathan Milott

Post: Lucky Post
Editor: Logan Hefflefinger
Assistant Editor: Juan Vargas
EP: Jessica Berry
Color: Neil Anderson
Finish: Tim Nagel
Audio Mix: Scottie Richardson