The Richards Group and Orkin Remind Us Why Termites Don’t Do Standup

By Patrick Coffee 

WHAT’S THE DEAL with airline peanuts? And while we’re at it, why aren’t termites funny?

The latest campaign for Orkin (you know the man) by The Richards Group looks to get to the heart of that eternal probing question.

Now get ready for some serious PUNishment.

What, you thought these bugs were done? The hits keep coming.

They do high culture, though.
Can’t stop, won’t stop.

ABH: Always be hustlin’

The outdoor assets give us a clearer idea of what all these intentionally bad jokes set out to do.

The campaign kind of made us think of the days when we first arrived in New York, fresh-faced and naive, ready to fall prey to those folks who stand on the corner with a bunch of flyers asking, “Do you like live comedy?”



Client: Orkin
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
Creative Directors: David Morring, Tim Tone
Copywriters: David Morring, Katie Bernet
Art Director: Tim Tone, Amanda Jackson
Producer: David Rucker
Director/Writers: Ben Hurst/ Dave Thomas
Production: Community Films
Post Production: Charlie Uniform Tango
Editor: Alex Campos
Visual Effects: Allen Robbins/Joey Waldrip/Artie Peña
Colorist: Joey Waldrip
Audio Mix/Sound Design: Russell Smith
Puppeteers: Legacy Effects
Clients: Kevin Smith, Cam Glover, Marissa Williams
Brand Management: Pete Lempert, Jessica Walker, Kristin Trumble