The Results: Here’s Who Does it Best in Digi and Tradi

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last week, we asked and you submitted the names of the best digital and traditional agencies out there. The purpose of this little experiment was to see which shops were on your radar, and then put it up to a vote. Well the results of this popularity contest are in (the polls are now closed).

Bear in mind, the lists contain only the names of agencies you submitted, so there are undoubtedly a number of names absent. There are even some names of agencies that no longer exist. Bamboozlement!

Click continued to see who does it best in digital. Click here to see how everyone else did.

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In all, 2831 votes were cast for digital agencies, while only 889 were cast for best traditional shops (possibly because the trad. poll was listed below the digital one). Below are the top five agencies in each category.

1. AKQA: 771 votes, 27 percent
2. Zugara: 623, 22 percent
3. Big Spaceship: 412, 15 percent
4. IQ Interactive: 265, 9 percent
5. ted perez: 199, 7 percent
Note: R/GA and Barbarian Group were nearly tied for 6th place with 94 and 99 votes respectively, or about 3 percent.

1. Weiden + Kennedy: 211, 23.73 percent
2. Crispin Porter + Bogusky: 186, 20.92 percent
3. TBWA/Chiat/Day: 110, 12.37 percent
4. Goodby: 90, 10.12 percent
5. BBDO: 48, 5.4 percent
Note: Ogilvy and Boone Oakley tied at 23 votes, or Boone Oakley 2.59 percent.

Before the year’s end, we’ll post another poll for boutique agencies, tradigi shops (those that do both, best) and any other categories we can think of. Feel free to submit your ideas below.