The Republik Gives Away $50K

By SuperSpy 

North Carolina employee-owned agency The Republik nee The Republic (check that nod to Communism or the U.S. Constitution depending on how you look at it) has launched a blog. Nothing new there, right? Except that this blog, called, asks you to vote for one of nine “change agents”. The change agent with the most votes will receive a $50,000 coming straight from the coffers of The Republik. The whole concept is in support of the shop’s slug – “Change Or Die” (check that nod to punk rock). In fact, their website makes the claim that “It’s been scientifically proven that 9 out of 10 people faced with the choice of either changing or dying will choose to die” (nod to nihilism).

“It’s a great way to get folks to check out while rewarding a person or organization we think will make a tremendously positive change to the world,” said The Republik CEO, Robert West. Do your thing Republik. It’s a very good thing, indeed.


If you like to take a different approach to support change agents, try social networking site, Changents, which “provides the platform for the Change Agent to tell their story, attracting Backers interested in interacting with and helping the Change Agent in one or all of five different roles.”