The No Shit List To End All Lists – 5

By SuperSpy 

You know we’ve been running this No Shit List… Well, one honcho has decided to attach his name to the answers. The reason? Read his last answer and you’ll see. So… here we go.

Sorta Nameless Honcho Exec #5

1. What was the worst campaign of the year?

They were all good in a unique and special way.

2. Which was your favorite?

The work we did for STA Travel –, or the recent low budget campaign we did for Lucky Brand Jeans called, or what we did for Christiania Vodka called, or, or… or maybe for Fleming’s Steakhouse, or the ‘pro-social’ network we created for KeepAChildAlive called, or possibly for Lucky Brand Jeans.. tough to decide, they’re all so good!

3. Which CMO deserves being whacked for his work this year?

All the ones that didn’t call us.

4. What was your favorite spot (that your shop did not create)?

Berries and Cream, Starburst

5. Who is the most underrated planner around?

Our very own Ciaran Rogers.

6. If you had to work for any agency, but your own – which would it be based on their performance in 2007?


7. If you could steal one talent from another agency based on their work during 2007 (creative director, planner, etc.) who would it be?

If I knew the answer to that question, they’d be here by now. If you are in fact that person, feel free to email me: