The Nissan Juke Trilogy Comes to an End with ‘Trophy’

By Bob Marshall 

By now, Nissan’s “Urban Legend,” the Juke, is a thing of CGI mythology. First TBWA/Toronto had its SUV fighting a large robotic monster using its 188-horsepower in “Dread.” Then, the Juke vanquished evil with a volcano in a Lord of the Rings tribute for “Weather.” Now finally, the Juke kills a dude on a motorcycle for its finale, “Trophy.”

Now, we applaud Nissan and TBWA for its devotion to branding their car as something different and unique. But, watching a talking head tote the Juke’s efforts in a dystopian, 1984 setting while the SUV leaps buildings and causes explosions with a sexy female sidekick might, just might, distract from the car’s unique center console, which is actually what “Trophy” is trying to advertise in this spot.


“Trophy,” like its predecessors, is bound to entertain with its high-budget, action movie style. But, watching a CGI car perform the unbelievably impossible in an animated world maybe just isn’t as effective as, say, an CGI car performing the unbelievably impossible on a green screen. Verisimilitude can go an awful long way. In any case, “Trophy” is fun, and that’s the bottom line.

Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Office: Jack Neary

Creative Directors: Mark Mason, Allen Oke, James Ansley

Copywriter: Graeme Campbell

Art Director: Cliff Seto, Mark Mason

Agency Producer: Nadya MacNeil, Lindsay Hutchison

Group Account Director: Richard Phillips

Account Director: Trevor Byrne

Director: Psyop

Production Company: Psyop

Psyop Creative Director: Laurent Ledru

Visual Effects: MassMarket

Executive Producer: Christine Schneider

Producer: Leighton Greer

VFX Supervisor: Kyle Cassidy

Animation Supervisor: Dan Vislocky

PreViz Supervisor: Matt Connolly

Composite Supervisor: Shahana Kahn

Modeling Supervisor: Andy Kim

Matte Painting Supervisor: Matt Conway