The Night Agency Gets With The Beat

By SuperSpy 

The Night Agency is feeling the beat with their client SpiralFrog. The company is one of those new fandangled music downloading clubs supported by advertising.

The service has more than doubled its registered users from 500,000 in mid-February to 1.1 million, and has increased its monthly unique visitors from 1 million in late January to more than 3 million this month. While its growing, the site is still short of the 10-million-plus level that gets media buyers going ga-ga.


The Night Agency has created a pretty fun microsite that gets you acclimated to the site. It’s a dance party where different genres are represented by different tongue in cheek people dancing to their beat. So, country, disco, latin, angst, electronic, hip hop and more. It’s kind of fun to see the pseudo hard boy bopping to Kayne West. You can also create your own dancing fool like the Berlin Cameron website for Heineken’s DraughtKeg.

I download the majority of my music from iTunes, P2P Networks or a similar site to SpiralFrog called, RCRDLBL. I would happily add SF to my list, but y’know it ain’t MAC friendly (one of my biggest pet peeves), which in this day and age, has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Well, um… you know, if this shit was MAC compatible, perhaps you’d have more users and advertisers would want to be on your website. Ugh.