The NHL Playoffs are the ‘Never Been Kissed’ Sequel We Never Had

By Bob Marshall 

“Kiss Me” – Sixpence None the Richer

Hockey! Remember that? Of course you don’t. Well, I’m here, along with my pals at NBC, to remind you that hockey is indeed still a thing. In fact, due to a controversial lockout and a condensed schedule, the NHL playoffs are starting at the end of the month, and NBC has exclusive broadcasting rights! Surely, this will be what just what NBC needed to get out of its ratings slump.

From Minneapolis-based agency mono comes two new spots previewing the race for the Stanley Cup. “First Kiss” (above) reminds hockey fans that, after the Stanley Cup is won, it is tradition for hockey players to kiss the giant trophy. No joshing, that is what professional hockey players do! You don’t want to miss something like that, do you?


A second spot, “Get Weird,” depicts hockey fans’ colorful outfits they wear to NHL games. Really, what other sport has a fanbase that wears face paint and silly clothing to one of its events? In public, no less?!?

TV viewers, you do NOT want to miss the NHL playoffs! Take NBC’s word for it.