The NFL Donates Super Bowl Slot for Grey’s No More PSA

By Erik Oster 

The NFL is donating 30-seconds of Super Bowl ad time to run a PSA created pro bono by its agency of record, Grey, for domestic violence awareness organization No More. The leagues also covered production costs for the spot, which will run during the first quarter.

A 60-second version of the PSA was recently uploaded to No More’s YouTube channel. It depicts a woman making a 911 call disguised as a pizza order, because her attacker is in the same room as her. Initially befuddled, the officer on the other line realizes what is going on and sends an officer to help. It’s a pretty harrowing look at the hidden nature of domestic violence and should make an impression during the big game.


The NFL has been running PSAs for No More all season, following controversy related to the league’s handling of a series of domestic abuse cases. No More’s leak of this extended version of the Super Bowl ad follows on the heels of a video from advocacy group Ultraviolet which Sports Illustrated agreed to run on its website. That video criticized the league directly for its handling of domestic violence cases, going as far as to call for NFL President Roger Goodell to step down with the hashtag #GoodellMustGo.