The Next Gatorade Spot

By Matt Van Hoven 

A friend at TBWA/Chiat/Day tells me this has nothing to do with the upcoming Gatorade work that the LA shop has been working on. But I figure, with guys like this using the product, Gatorade will always have an expanding market.

I guess submerging one’s self in murky turtle-water promotes imbibing from the electrolyte enriched beverage. After all, Gator Ade (aid?) was birthed in Florida. And both snappers and alligators are prehistoric creatures.

Maybe they’ll launch a micro-brew &#151 I’m thinking TurtleTaup.

Btw, is this considered cruelty? I guess it’s hunting, but damn I wouldn’t want to be one of those snappers; both for fear of the Turtleman’s creepy teeth and his crazy-ass post-catch holler.