The (Next) AgencySpy Party Cometh

By Matt Van Hoven 

If you missed the last AgencySpy because of the religious holiday, the longish trek to Chelsea Pier or a recently discovered fungus, fear not &#151 this time around we’ve got you covered (though you should probably get that fungus checked out).

The next fiesta is going down on November 25th at The Hills (yeah, not the show), 416 3rd Ave. here in Manhattan. There’s drink specials, which include:


$3 Draft Beer

$5 Apple Martinis

$5 Watermelon Martinis

$5 Cosmos

Who doesn’t like a good, cheap, sweet glass of booze to liven up their Tuesday? So please join us, from 6:30 to 8:30 on Tuesday, Nov. 25th at The Hills. We promise to make awkward conversation and an inaudible speech.

Click here to RSVP.

Click continued to see a few inspiring reasons why you should attend.

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1. AgencySpy parties are like the speakeasies of the roarin’ twenties; but there’s more booze and less risk of getting arrested.

2. SuperSpy may be lurking in the shadows.

3. You could get tipsy enough to forget about the failing media industry.

4. Sex with the interns gets old after a while.

5. You can skip out of that dinner with the in-laws and claim to have been at a “mandatory” work event.

6. Party…work…party…work…PARTY!

7. Get your picture taken by cool MediaPost photog Kelly Samardak (if we can get her to show!)

8. Bar food.

9. It ain’t the “wanna-be” fest that Media Meshing has become.

10. There’s no 10, just come.