The Motorola RAZR: Droid Redux

By Bob Marshall 

If you watched football yesterday (which, considering all of the close games that were decided by a final drive, you probably should have), you undoubtedly saw the above Verizon spot for the new Motorola RAZR. “Wait, ‘new’ Motorola RAZR?” you might have asked yourself with a mouth full of beer and nachos. “Wasn’t that the phone I gave to that teenage scenester in exchange for a cigarette when the iPhone debuted like four years ago?”

Yes, Motorola’s latest product is turning back the clock a few years. If you can remember the days when the original Motorola RAZR debuted in early 2004, you’ll recall it was a mighty simpler time for cellphones. “Back in those days,” you’ll fondly tell your children, “a phone’s merit was decided by its slim portability, not the quality of escort service it could find you at last call.” Hell, even ask AgencySpy editor Kiran Aditham, and he’ll probably relate the fond memories he had with his Motorola RAZR, before the bespectacled turtlenecked modern-day Edison at Apple HQ created a product that immediately rendered Kiran and his mobile device of choice uncool.


But, as Motorola made known last month, the company is debuting a new, sleek phone that they’re calling the RAZR in homage to the company’s successful old model, one capable of running the new Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” OS debuting at the beginning of next year. As the new “Android king” is debuting for Verizon, the wireless providers’ AOR Mcgarrybowen was charged with making the above ad, which we’re being told is a “teaser” to a launch spot that will be unveiled this Wednesday on prime-time TV. So, dear readers, what say you? Is a phone chopping everything in its path in half going to garner the necessary buzz to challenge the iPhone? Will it at least get current Android users to switch phones? Credits after the jump.

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