The Menu: Levi Johnston’s Back Inside his Shell, Printing Presses are Now, YouTube Opens Citizen Journo Page (Eh hem, Crowdsourcing)

By Matt Van Hoven 

So Levi Johnston’s genitalia will not be on display via We didn’t know that as of 9 a.m. this morning when The Menu went live, but the topic of Johnston and Sarah Palin’s new book dominated the conversation. If those things don’t interest you, move right along. We did, however, have FishbowlNY Editor Amanda Ernst on &#151 she had the only interview with the Playgirl editor whose job it was to, um, warm Johnston up before the shoot. Using conversation, sick-o’s.

But there is a larger question here about how semi-celebs who happen to be a hot topic and presumed-dead-publications can help one another. Without a doubt, Johnston’s most recent “work” will attract attention from certain portions of our community who enjoy young shirtless dudes laying on a bed of roses or hockey pucks or whatever. That said, does Johnston’s brand belong to the gays? For his future’s sake, we hope so. Look what they did for Kathy Griffin. Humor > Sex Appeal?


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