The Martin Agency Launches ‘Life’s Rich’ for Ritz

By Erik Oster 

The Martin agency launched a new campaign for Ritz, the first for the Mondelez cracker brand in eight years (Havas’ “Open For Fun” campaign in 2007 was the most recent for the brand).

Both the title and direction of the campaign allude to the brand’s origins as an affordable indulgence during the Great Depression. “We took inspiration from where we began, which was during the Great Depression in 1934. And that was when butter crackers could only be afforded by a few,” Linda Lee, senior director of the North American cracker category at Mondelez International, explained to AdAge. “But Ritz really allowed the masses, allowed everyone, to have a taste of a buttery rich cracker.”


In the broadcast spot for the campaign (featured above), voiceover stating, “May you be rich, so rich nothing is out of reach. Filthy rich.” is contrasted with footage of a family’s everday happy moments. The approach is exemplified by “filthy rich” being delivered over footage of playing in the mud. A print ad for the campaign reads, “Not country club rich, book club rich,” a perfect demonstration of the double meaning the campaign aims to give the word. “We’ve moved from an era of materialism and financial gain to an era that is about relationship, connection, just moments,” Lee explained, citing the brand’s attempts to market to consumers who value experiences over wealth.