The Martin Agency Launches First Broadcast Effort for Discover it Miles Card

By Erik Oster 

The Martin Agency launched the first broadcast spot for Discover’s Discover it Miles Card, which launched earlier this year, with the 30-second “Travel Posters.”

Set to a version of “Don’t Fence Me In” by YouTube star Nataly Dawn, the ad utilizes both live-action and animation. It opens on a couple sitting at a cafe. As they place their Discover card on the table the camera zooms in on a travel poster for Miami, which fades into an animated scene of the couple enjoying drinks on the beach, leading to another seamless transition concluding with the couple this time in Lake Tahoe, followed by text promoting the card’s offer of double miles for new cardholder’s first year. It’s a low-key and visually pleasing approach, reinforcing the card’s selling point directly with the lyrics of the song and closing text while suggesting the possibilities afforded by the rewards. The spot recently made its debut online and on broadcast, and will run during the Golden Globes and the Grammys. Supporting the effort in the campaign are radio, digital and direct initiatives.

“The creative concept for the new campaign illustrates how everyday purchases can allow cardmembers to go on the getaway they’ve been waiting for,” Discover vice president, brand communications and marketing operations Jennifer Murillo told Marketing Daily. “The unique animation style, and mix of real actors, brings a new twist on the classic vintage travel posters.”