The Martin Agency Introduces Latot Stroller

By Erik Oster 

The Martin Agency launched a new campaign for Total Wireless with an online ad that disguises itself as a spot for a different (nonexistent) product.

The agency imagines a super high-tech baby stroller with “Introuducing Latot Stroller, Stroll Into Greatness.” Latot Stroller is billed as having  “4×4 Capabilities,” “Refrig-E-Raisin Technology,” “Customizable Sandcastles” and bubbles, to name a few of the souped-up stroller’s features. The fake product selling a real product approach isn’t exactly new, but The Martin Agency takes things a step further here, as the actual product isn’t even mentioned in the ad (although astute viewers may notice that it comes from Total Wireless’ YouTube channel). Rather, it prompts viewers to visit, where they are greeted by the message “don’t get oversold” and “if you think this is ridiculous, take a look at your wireless plan.” It’s something of a risky move, as it expects viewers to care enough about the joke product to not only sit through an entire ad but then follow up and visit the website. While that might make for a memorable experience for those curious enough to check it out, you have to wonder how many viewers the agency is leaving behind in the process. 


Client: Total Wireless
Creative: The Martin Agency
Social: Weber Shandwick
Landing Page: PJA