The Martin Agency Gets ‘Flextacular’ for Geico

By Erik Oster 

Last month The Martin Agency changed up its long-running “It’s What You Do” campaign for Geico with the introduction of a new character in “Spy” and accompanying “Momversations” spots online. Now the agency changes things up a bit more with a new spot for the insurance company entitled “Flextacular.”

The 30-second spot features a pair of bros working out while one of them discusses switching to Geico and saving on insurance and also appears to be a brocbulary exercise in which the agency explores how many different words it can mention¬†using the prefix “bro.” These include “brofessor,” brotato chip,” “brotein shake” and a lot more, some of which you’ve probably heard before. As with the “Spy” broadcast spot there’s a series of ads online further exploring the schtick, in this case a full dozen faux-retro “Brocabulary” videos. While your opinion of the approach will likely hinge on how much you enjoy its goofy bro-humor (bromor?), at the very least it’s nice to see the agency changing things up from the usual routine. As an extension of the campaign, Geico is also selling t-shirts featuring the likes of Teddy Brosevelt, a Brodeo clown and Edgar Allan Bro.

We’d like to take a moment to add the following to the brocabulary lexicon: brosectomy, bromentary, brohel (that would be a bro mohel), brotulent, brolibi and brobotomy.

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Group Creative Director: Steve Bassett
Group Creative Director: Wade Alger
Creative Director: Neel Williams
Associate Creative Director: Justin Harris
Executive Producer: Brett Alexander
Broadcast Producer: Brian Camp
Junior Broadcast Producer: Coleman Sweeney
Group Account Director: Brad Higdon
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Business Affairs Supervisor: Suzanne Wieringo
Financial Account Supervisor: Monica Cox
Senior Production Business Manager: Amy Trenz
Vice President, Marketing: Ted Ward
Director, Marketing Media Advertising: Bill Brower
Sr. Mgr., Broadcast, Outdoor, Print & Sports Marketing: Melissa Halicy
Marketing Supervisor: Mike Grant
Marketing Buyer: Tom Perlozzo
Marketing Buyer: Brighid Griffin
Marketing Coordinator: Julia Nass
Senior Project Manager: Jason Ray
Project Manager: Stephanie Burdette

Production Company: Dummy
Director: Harold Einstein
Director of Photography: Ramsey Nickell
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Editorial Company: Arcade
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