The Martin Agency Builds Cross-Promotional Lego Movie 2 Campaign for Discover

By Erik Oster 

The Martin Agency has given Discover’s “We Treat You Like You’d Treat You” campaign the Lego treatment with “Not Awesome.”

First we have to say that the Lego movies, which are arguably a series of very long ads for the Lego brand, are so much better than they have to be.

And think of all the additional branded content opportunities! Discover obviously did. Ahead of the release of The Lego Movie 2, its latest campaign stars the franchise’s Wyldstyle character. As she escapes a Duplo invasion, Wyldstyle realizes she missed her Discover card payment. She calls Discover to find a helpful version of herself on the other side of the line, who is able to wave the late fee — something she’d be pretty pumped about if she wasn’t busy dodging enemies.

This is a standard credit card campaign trope that’s now tolerable and even kind of enjoyable thanks to the animation, which never comes close to the uncanny valley because of the Lego factor.

“Not Awesome” will run online and in theaters, backed by social content. It’s a fun twist on the brand’s well-established messaging offering viewers a look ahead at what they can expect from the February 8 release.

“We wanted to go beyond the typical studio co-promotion, so by combining Discover’s brand promise of treating their customers like they’d treat themselves and Lego’s cultural relevance, we hope to bring powerful new energy to the campaign,” The Martin Agency creative director Kevin Ragland said in a statement.


Agency: The Martin Agency
Client: Discover
Campaign: “Not Awesome”

Karen Costello, Chief Creative Officer
Jason Komulainen, Group Creative Director
Kevin Ragland, Creative Director
Brittany Tooker, Senior Art Director
Lassiter Stone, Senior Copywriter
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