The Marketing Arm Champions ‘Real Strength’ for Dove Men + Care

By Erik Oster 

If The Marketing Arm’s recently unveiled “Real Strength” Super Bowl spot for Dove Men + Care seems familiar, it’s not a coincidence. The ad revisits most, if not all of, the footage used in the agency’s “Calls for Dad” Father’s Day spot for the brand.

This time around, The Marketing Arm adds voiceover from Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s Mike and Mike show, but apart from that, the different text used, and the new “Care Makes A Man Stronger” tagline, little else has changed. Here’s the “Calls for Dad” spot for comparison:

A 30-second version of the spot will run during the Super Bowl, marking the brand’s first return to the big game since 2010. It will also make Dove Men + Care one of at least two brands focusing on the importance of fatherhood during the game, along with Toyota — who we posted on earlier today. A social campaign, featuring the “#realstrength” hashtag will support the broadcast effort.