The Many Goes Through Round of Layoffs

By Minda Smiley 

Los Angeles creative agency The Many has gone through a round of layoffs.

An agency spokesperson said seven people were laid off, which amounts to less than 10% of its staff.

According to The Many, one of its clients experienced a leadership change and “abruptly postponed a large project” at the end of last year.


“As a result, we made the tough decision to restructure to keep us well-positioned for growth in 2020,” Amir Haque, partner, business strategy and growth, said. “Our success and expansion as an agency is partly due to the fact that we’ve always managed our business conservatively and proactively. And while it’s always hard to make decisions like this, particularly with talented team members like these, it’s an occasionally necessary move to keep the business healthy.”

The Many, formerly Mistress, changed its name last year. Founded in 2010, the creative shop has worked with brands including Hot Wheels, TripAdvisor and Qdoba.