The Manning Bros Tackle Crime-Fighting During Off-Season

By Kiran Aditham 

Wow, look what the NFL lockout has done to our pro football stars. First teased and given the snark treatment on Deadspin weeks ago (sorry for the lag, it took us some time to get credits), here’s the full trailer for Peyton and Eli Manning, much anticipated mini-series for DirecTV called “Football Cops.” The plot synopsis: “Two former pro football players who bring their unique brand of law enforcement to one of the country’s toughest neighborhoods.”

Peyton and Eli play Mike Tahoe and C.J. Hunter, respectively, and they use footballs as weapons while wearing mustaches even Cochise would find tacky. According to Deutsch NY, which is behind this send-up that was shot in Brooklyn and promotes the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket (here’s hoping there’s use for one), the video has tallied over 750, 000 views since its launch late last week. It’s pretty damn amusing we say, so we’re not surprised. Eli Manning’s acting chops be damned, here’s hoping for more installments of this silly crime-fighting saga. For those of you really into this, there’s a site to download wallpapers, ringtones, etc., but we even have our limits. Credits after the jump.


Partner, Chief Creative Officer:                                 Greg DiNoto
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